Shadow of War review: Intense and exhilarating battles across Middle-earth

Actions have consequences; a blatantly obvious statement you might say, but this is something that plays a huge part in the twists and turns that Middle-earth: Shadow of War has in store for gamers. Those who have had the pleasure of playing the game’s predecessor, Shadow of Mordor (SoM), will be familiar with protagonist Talion, accompanied by Elven spirit Celebrimbor, and his quest to rid the world of the Dark Lord, Sauron. The open-RPG takes players back to into the fight – set between The H

Dead Alliance review: a broken mess, but with quirky concepts

There’s nothing worse than seeing an exciting upcoming or newly-released game trailer and then being utterly let down by the final product… but it’s happened again. When I saw footage of Dead Alliance, I was captivated by it. The concept of having a first-person shooter that allows players to control zombies and use them as allies against enemy AIs and fellow players in competitive multiplayer modes, was the key factor in my decision to jump in – but to say I was disappointed would be an unders

L.A. Noire is coming to the PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and VR this year

Rockstar Games has announced that detective thriller L.A. Noire will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One platforms this winter. And if that wasn’t enough crime-solving investigative action to sink your teeth into, a virtual reality experience called L.A Noire: The VR Case Files, featuring seven select cases rebuilt from the original game, will also launch on the HTC VIVE system. Originally released in 2011, L.A. Noire takes players into the violent underbelly of 1940

How a video game about a mouse that can do sign language will capture your heart

The developer behind an upcoming VR adventure game, about a mouse which can use sign language, has been ‘blown away’ by the positive feedback from the gaming community. Moss is an action-adventure puzzle game that takes classic components of proven game design – compelling characters, fluid combat, captivating locations – and brings them together with the exciting opportunities of virtual reality. The result is a fully interactive and immersive experience set in an engaging fantasy world. The

Dying Light producer pays tribute to legendary horror filmmaker George A Romero

A producer behind one of the most highly-rated zombie horror games in recent years has paid tribute to the late, inspirational film director George A Romero. Tymon Smektala, producer on Dying Light and The Following – a huge expansion to the Dying Light franchise – shared his own personal view on Romero and the legacy he has left behind. He also explained how Romero's work in film influenced and inspired current-day developers in the game industry. “There are many personal takeaways I accumul

Your old video games could be worth tens of thousands of pounds

Do you have some old video games tucked away under your bed or in the attic? You could be holding onto some very rare and, more importantly, some very expensive copies. Statistics recently released by Safestore have listed a number of games from the 1980s which buyers would be willing to pay TENS OF THOUSANDS for, one of which has been valued at over £385,000. For those of us who have traded in our old games to respectable retailers or have sold online in the past, we know it’s rare for games

Get Even review - a psychological thriller that plays on your virtual emotions

Never has a game gripped my brain so tightly, so intensely, when taking me on an expedition through its narrative-driven gameplay – and what an experience it was. Get Even is set in the Midlands, predominantly in the Birmingham area as well as Nuneaton, and revolves around the tragic kidnap and death of a young woman. As Cole Black, a northern hired mercenary, you’re instructed to enter a world through a virtual headset known as the ‘Pandora’ to replay memories in the past – with the ultimate

FIFA 18 cover star Cristiano Ronaldo rumoured to be planning Real Madrid exit

Footballing hero Cristiano Ronaldo could send the EA Sports marketing team into meltdown after news emerged this week that the player could be exiting Real Madrid – days after he was announced as the cover star for FIFA 18 . Several sources have suggested that the Portuguese attacker is looking to leave the Real and Spanish football amid allegations of tax fraud – and the 32-year-old said his decision to leave is “irreversible”, meaning there's unlikely to be a U-turn in the coming months. EA

The Surge review - Dark Souls meets Deus Ex in action-packed role-playing game

Finishing off an enemy with a gruesome attack which results in limb dismemberment is somewhat satisfying in Deck13 Interactive’s The Surge – and it’s a good job too as you’ll be doing it a lot. The world around the protagonist, Warren, is in tatters – enhanced technology has slowly crept up on humanity and has resulted in robotic graveyards scattered across the land. Natural resources have been sucked dry and people have turned to augmented technology to help survive. After what appears to be